Chandler Nguyen

Hi there, If you are visiting this page, you probably wonder who I am. I am a Digital Marketing Professional (or I like to believe that), who started his career with Affiliate marketing, moving into Performance Media, Owned Media and Earned Media. I used to stay in Singapore for about 7-8 years in Singapore and currently in Ho Chi Minh city. Besides writing this blog, I also appeared on “Master Class panel” on Digital Media Magazine (Apr 2008) together with Kent Wertime, president of OgilvyOne Asia-Pacific and Andrew Tu, regional digital director for OMD. Digital media is the monthly magazine for Asia Pacific’s rapidly evolving interactive industry. This magazine is published in Hong Kong and distributed through out the region. I also used to contribute to Imedia Connection, a regional well known Marketing Community I wrote a series about “A digital survival guide for the recession”, an article about “5 common mistakes when running a PPC campaign” and many others. The first ebook published is “Get going with Google Adwords“. This was written long time ago, so Google Adwords has changed a lot since then.

My recommended books for summer 2019

Upheaval Jared diamond and the Sense of Style Steven Pinker

My top non-fiction recommendations are “Upheaval: Turning points for Nations in crisis” by Jared Diamond and “The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.” by Steven Pinker