The Joe Rogan Experience – my most favorite Youtube Channel

I accidentally came across Joe Rogan Experience YouTube channel only in 2020 (I understand that he is a super popular podcaster too). I didn’t know who Joe was before that and that was a pity. After a few videos, his channel quickly became my most favorite Youtube channel. Here are why:

  • Long-form content (between 2-3 hours): the format of the show is suitable for meaningful, in-depth conversations.
    • This doesn’t mean that Joe tries to force all of the episodes to that length. As/when the conversation naturally comes to an end, that’s the end of the show and so some shows are like one hour or one and a half-hour long.
  • A wide range of topics: Joe and his guests discuss a wide range of topics from science to comedy, politics, health, science fiction, etc.
    • Joe seems to read a lot too so he can have meaningful and intelligent conversations with his guests.
    • I have learned a lot about topics that may not of natural interest to me.
  • Viewpoints across the political spectrum, diverse backgrounds. He is not afraid to “give someone a platform”. This shows a lot of courage.
    • I have learned a lot about other people’s points of view.
    • I may not agree with them but I understand them. That is the point. We don’t need to agree with each other 100% to have a conversation.
    • For example, Joe had Alex Jones on his show multiple times. I didn’t watch entire episodes because Alex ranted a lot. I can’t listen to Alex’s voice for too long. Joe was patient but firm in those episodes.
  • Authenticity comes through without worry about political correctness
    • Guests on his show can be themselves, be human. I still remembered the first time Elon Musk on the show and smoked weed 🙂 In the middle of the show, he received a text message from his friends, asking him he was smoking weed 😀
    • Joe is not looking for sound bites and given that the show is long, the guests have enough time to explain the nuances.
    • For example, if you watch the Bernie Sanders episode and compare with it with the presidential debates, you can see such a stark difference in quality. I understand a lot more about Bernie’s ideas through the show on Joe’s channel rather than from reading the news or watching presidential debates.
  • Joe lets his guests talk and he listens. He doesn’t necessarily agree with all of their points of view and voices his own opinion or call out certain questionable claims.
    • Because of this, I have learned a lot more about certain issues than from the mainstream media, whether it is through TV or newspaper.
    • One example is the difference when Ray Dalio was interviewed on TED vs on Bloomberg. Erik from Bloomberg kept interrupting Ray while he was trying to answer the question. I understand that there is a strict time limit on Bloomberg but then the format should change. What is the point of interviewing someone because you want to hear what they think and then cutting them off?

Now the above doesn’t mean that I agree with Joe one hundred percent. Nope. There are many issues I don’t agree with him like:

  • His general attitude, viewpoint towards China. I don’t think it shows depth or understanding. My recommendation to Joe is to invite strategic thinkers like Kevin Rudd, or Graham Allison or Ray Dalio to the show and talk about China.
  • His view on divorce

As a whole, I still highly recommend his show/podcast though! Below are some episodes that I particularly like:

Recently, Joe signed a deal with Spotify to bring his podcast exclusively to Spotify. Well, I guess I will have to become a Spotify user if the full episode is no longer available on Youtube.


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