Month: November 2018

Leadership book “Learn to Lead: no one is born a great people manager”

This is Chandler. Before we talk about my book “Learn to lead”, a leadership and team management book for aspiring or first-time people manager, I want to introduce about myself. I studied engineering in university but fell in love with digital marketing (performance marketing to be exact) in my second year. I didn’t know what…

Learn to Lead: no one is born a great people manager

John (pseudonym name) is a brilliant specialist working in a consultancy firm. His client loves him. He produces excellent work and presents them brilliantly to senior stakeholders. Because of that, he progresses quickly within the organization, manages a team of five direct reports. After more than a year, things are not looking great. John is working longer hours than before, while his team is afraid of him. He is very intimidating, asking them tough questions without coaching them on how to answer.