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It’s Games time

It is time to get into Games and Esports featured image

In this post I will share key statistics on why advertisers should get into games and Esports with more than 2.6 billion gamers (many between 21-35 years old with high household income). And they should go beyond traditional formats.

Japan e-commerce is lagging behind other G7 countries and China

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1. Japan total retail sales is number 3 in the world 2. Given Japan population decline and slow economic growth, it is not surprising that its estimated retail growth rate in 2020 is lowest amongst G7 countries and China Japan, China and other G7 countries estimated economic growth rates in 2019 according to World bank,…

8 key facts about Japan Mobile Game Industry (update Mar 2019)

8 key facts about Japan Mobile Game Industry featured image feb 2019

Hi there, Similar to other recent posts, many people continue to find my blog through the post about Japan mobile game industry back in 2017 so here is a refresh with the latest data. Hope you find it useful. This post is part of the series about Japan that I have been writing in 2019.…