Japan advertising landscape key facts and trends updated Apr 2019

1. Japan media ad spending per person is on par with other G7 countries and half of that of the US

total media ad spending in japan and ad spending per person 2018

The absolute total media ad spend in Japan is lower than China mainly due to the huge Chinese population vs Japan.

2. Japan total media ad spending is expected to grow around 2% in the next few years – slightly better than the Japanese economy

Total Media Ad Spending in japan and growth rate 2019 2023

From the Japanese government, 2019 expected growth rate for the economy is around 1.3%.

Japan ad spending growth rate is significantly lower than China or other G7 countries, except for Italy.

Total ad spend growth rate in Japan, China and other G7 countries 2019 2023 v2

3. Digital and TV have the largest share of the total media ad spending in Japan

4. Digital ad spending growth rate outpaces any other media by a wide margin in the next few years

This trend continues over the next few years as per the table below. Out of home growth rate is on par with the overall media ad spend growth rate, which demonstrates the resilience of the channel.

This trend is not surprising given the negative growth in time spent on media in Japan.

5. Mobile ad spending as a percentage of total ad spend in Japan is significantly lower than China, South Korea or many other G7 countries

This partly shows that Japan advertising scene is not as advanced as other markets.

6. Within digital, display is expected to out grow search while classified is shrinking

7. Similar to China, South Korea and other markets, influencer marketing is big in Japan

marketers in japan who have used influencer marketing 2018

That’s all from me for today on this topic. This post is part of a series about Japan that I have been writing in 2019. You can find them below:

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