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What Singapore General Election 2020 result means for foreigners


As a foreigner living in Singapore, I am curious to understand what General Election 2020 means for us. I want to answer questions like:
Is it getting easier or more difficult to apply for PR in Singapore?
The same question about getting Singapore citizenship
For friends who want to go to Singapore to work, is it easier or harder to get employment passes?

8 Key Facts about Singapore Digital and Media Landscape 2020

singapore media landscape featured image

This post is the updated version of the 2019 post on the same topic of the Singapore media landscape. You may be surprised to learn that:
Singapore’s GDP per capita (in PPP term) is 60% higher than Hong Kong or the US.
Singapore’s e-commerce is not as well developed as China, South Korea, and some other markets.
Singapore is still an offline heavy market.
There are many other facts below and I hope you enjoy them.

Singapore media landscape 2019


As a highly advanced economy, Singapore media landscape is in many ways not as advanced as it should be. E-commerce penetration is still very low. Traditional media still dominates.