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Vietnam ended its 99 days without COVID 19 community transmission on 24th Jul (with daily updates)


Unfortunately, on 24th Jul, Vietnam confirmed another COVID 19 community transmission case. Locally, this is “patient 416”, who lives in Da Nang city. Today 26th Jul, there is another local case in Da Nang, “patient 418”. Both patients are in ICU unit, with one of them is on ECMO machine and the other is on ventilators 🙁

Vietnam economy in 2020: 11 key facts and trends


Vietnam has done an excellent job thus far when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. A country of more than 97 million people, a direct land border with China, Vietnam implemented quick, decisive border closure, testing, contact tracing, isolation, and quarantining. The social unity, comprehensive public awareness campaign, and government transparency in dealing with the crisis are critical ingredients for success too.

But it is far from over.

Like the global economy, Vietnam is now struggling to contain the economic fallout from the pandemic. Given the recent global interest in the Vietnam economy, especially regarding its potential as a factory relocation from China, I write this post to include some key figures, facts. I try to use third party, English sources so that you can verify the numbers.

What Singapore General Election 2020 result means for foreigners


As a foreigner living in Singapore, I am curious to understand what General Election 2020 means for us. I want to answer questions like:
Is it getting easier or more difficult to apply for PR in Singapore?
The same question about getting Singapore citizenship
For friends who want to go to Singapore to work, is it easier or harder to get employment passes?

Indonesia e-commerce landscape: key players and trends (updated Jun 2020)

In this post, we will take a deep dive into Indonesia e-commerce landscape, its growth rate, key players. Some COVID 19 impact are included as well. It is an updated version of a similar post last year. 1. Indonesia Real GDP growth forecast is better than ASEAN-5, emerging & developing Asia, Brazil, and Mexico Before…