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Upgrade Your Wallet: How to Turn Credit Card Spend into Free Flights, Cash, and More!

credit card reward program guide for expats in the US

As an expat living in the US, you’re no stranger to the importance of budgeting and being financially savvy. And while using credit cards can help you build credit and make purchases, did you know that by using the right credit cards, you can also turn your spending into free flights, cash, and other rewards?…

Don’t Apply for Your 2nd or 3rd Credit Card Until You Read This Essential Checklist for expats in the US

the essential checklist for expats in the US before applying for 2nd or 3rd credit cards in the US

In the US, consumers are encouraged (or bombarded) to apply for multiple credit cards constantly. It is not uncommon to receive multiple offers via mail monthly. And, of course, you can be invited to open new cards at shopping malls, Costco, etc… I can understand that as a foreigner in the US, you may not…