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My reaction to Ray Dalio’s post “China’s “Dangerous Storm” Coming: The Eight Big Challenges Facing China and the People Chosen to Deal with Them”

dangerous storm is coming to Shanghai China

Recently, Ray Dalio published another article in his series, “The changing world order.” My overall reaction to his post is: Ray’s view is comparable to the perspective Kevin Rudd has publicly expressed in recent years. (If you haven’t been keeping up with Kerin Rudd’s public appearances and statements, his recent book the avoidable war is a great place to…

My thoughts on “The Big Cycle of the United States and the Dollar, Part 1” by Ray Dalio


Yesterday, Ray Dalio published the latest chapter titled “Chapter 4: The Big Cycle of the United States and the Dollar, Part 1”. Overall, it is a good read, even though it doesn’t include as many new ideas or insights as I hope it should. This is partly because I have been following Ray’s public sharing for a while, including many of his recent interview with Bloomberg, TED, Goldman Sachs, etc. If you haven’t been reading or watching Ray’s writing/talks, then there is plenty of new information, insights in this article (or the whole series) for you.