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Don’t Apply for Your 2nd or 3rd Credit Card Until You Read This Essential Checklist for expats in the US

the essential checklist for expats in the US before applying for 2nd or 3rd credit cards in the US

In the US, consumers are encouraged (or bombarded) to apply for multiple credit cards constantly. It is not uncommon to receive multiple offers via mail monthly. And, of course, you can be invited to open new cards at shopping malls, Costco, etc… I can understand that as a foreigner in the US, you may not…

Vietnam economy in 2020: 11 key facts and trends


Vietnam has done an excellent job thus far when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. A country of more than 97 million people, a direct land border with China, Vietnam implemented quick, decisive border closure, testing, contact tracing, isolation, and quarantining. The social unity, comprehensive public awareness campaign, and government transparency in dealing with the crisis are critical ingredients for success too.

But it is far from over.

Like the global economy, Vietnam is now struggling to contain the economic fallout from the pandemic. Given the recent global interest in the Vietnam economy, especially regarding its potential as a factory relocation from China, I write this post to include some key figures, facts. I try to use third party, English sources so that you can verify the numbers.

What are the most Critical Global challenges facing humankind in the next 50 -100 years? (part 2)

This is the second part of my series about the four most critical global challenges facing humankind in the next 50 – 100 years. In the previous post, I went into more detail about “#1. Climate change / ecological collapse” and “#2. War between civilizations”. Today it will be about “#3. Impact of technology” and “#4. Global inequality”.