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Team leader: Let your team be themselves at work

Everyone is different. It is particularly true if your team members come from different cultures across various civilizations. To share some areas where how your team members can be different from one another and you:   A diverse team  I am a big fan of building a diverse team because it is often stronger. Please don’t…

Why behaving well is the first step to becoming someone worth following

By behaving well, I mean the golden rule “treat others as you wish to be treated.” I agree that there are no doubt nuances and differences, especially between civilizations like Western or Sinic (covering countries like China, Vietnam, or Korea) or Islam or Japanese or Hindu, etc. There are fundamental universal values that transcend cultures.…

Learn to Lead: no one is born a great people manager

John (pseudonym name) is a brilliant specialist working in a consultancy firm. His client loves him. He produces excellent work and presents them brilliantly to senior stakeholders. Because of that, he progresses quickly within the organization, manages a team of five direct reports. After more than a year, things are not looking great. John is working longer hours than before, while his team is afraid of him. He is very intimidating, asking them tough questions without coaching them on how to answer.