10 Things About Singapore Online Landscape

10 things about Singapore Online Landscape

The statistics were taken for the year end 2006.

This is to serve as overall indicators of the current market. I try to include the source of these information as much as possible. However, the majority of the statistics you will need to find out the source yourself or email me and i will let you know.
One thing for sure is the below statistics are accurate based on government data.

1. In 2006, there are 2.4 million Internet users in Singapore. This makes the internet penetration rate at 66.3%; Singapore’s Internet users represent 0.6% of Asia’s total online population (Internet World Stats)

2. 78% of households has access to a computer at home.

3. 71% of households has internet access

4. Internet activities: (during the last 12 months)

    • For communicating purposes( more than 80% for people from 15 to 59)
    • For getting information purposes (more than 75% for people from 15 to 59)
    • Online shopping purposes (33% for people from 30-44)

5. At least 62% of Singaporeans age 15-59 had not purchased online before. (in the last 12 months)

6. Travel is still the number one product that people buy online (more than 30% from 15-59) for the last 12 month.
The second runner up is ticket(s) to entertainment event like movies, opera etc… (41% for 15-24, 34% for 30-44, 22% for 45-59)

7. 20% of people or more from 15-59 buy goods value from $200-$499

8. Most popular Search Engine in Singapore is Google 58.5%, followed by Yahoo 35% or search market share.

9. Top 20 websites by Internet usage (Jul, 2007)

(Source: Hitwise 2007)

10. Top Travel Search Terms (since travel is one of the hottest industry) by Hitwise:

P.S: Initially it was not my intention to interpret the data i chose here simply because there are many ways to interpret them, contingent on your marketing roles and intentions. However, i see the need to give a couple of simple examples of what are the information BETWEEN the lines:

  • The relationship between internet penetration rate, credit card penetration rate and online purchase rate.
  • Characteristics of top 20 websites in Singapore.
  • etc…

This concludes the section about “10 figures you should know about Singapore Online Landscape”


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