Yahoo Internet Cafe Viet Nam

Ya, You read it right.

Yahoo Opens Internet Cafe in Viet Nam, more specifically in the two major cities Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city.

According to local news, Yahoo helps local owners to redecorate, create a better environment for people who want to use internet at Yahoo Internet cafe. At the same time, Yahoo would help to train local operators to better use Yahoo services like Yahoo Answer etc…

Basically, by this new approach Yahoo would like to further enhance their brand in Viet Nam.
Right now, every month Yahoo messenger Viet Nam enjoys about 10 millions unique users, most of whom are youngsters. Yahoo Messenger Viet Nam starts to support sms function from mobile phone as well, which is not a new function for other more mature markets.

Yahoo search engine is no where in Viet Nam, in which Google has the most market share. And so now with Yahoo answers, Yahoo hope it will be the new search engine for people in Viet Nam or at least “starting point for the most consumers” like what Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang wrote in his post “where does Yahoo! head next“.
Whether Yahoo Answer will be the next big thing in Viet Nam or not, we shall wait and see. Somehow i have the feeling that this will work in Viet Nam. Because this is a market where people would love to express their individuality.

And talking about expressing individuality, Yahoo! 360 is a very big thing in Viet Nam right now. Unfortunately, worldwide, Yahoo admitted Yahoo! 360 is a failed experiment. You can refer the the last part of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang “where does Yahoo! head next” for more information also.

From local sources, all most every blogger in Viet Nam is using Yahoo! 360 or they have an Yahoo! 360 account. Not only youngster but young professionals and other classes use Yahoo! 360 in Viet Nam as well.
The plan to shut down Yahoo! 360 in Viet Nam is not confirmed at the moment. Reliable sources speculate that Yahoo will replace Yahoo! 360 with Yahoo! Mass.

Another thing to note about Yahoo! 360 in Viet Nam is that Yahoo just started to monetize this platform not long ago. It was about 3 or 4 months ago that i started to see supper banner ads on Yahoo! 360 Vietnamese account. Recently, Citibank ads appears there, one may assume that Yahoo uses Run of Network for this particular case.
Example of one current running ads on Yahoo! 360 Viet Nam profile

Well, finally, there has been a lot of changes happening at Yahoo top managers worldwide, which the news is published worldwide. However, even for Yahoo SE Asia, headquarter in Singapore, there has been changes in the top management and the way Yahoo! conducts their business in this region as well. Due to my working relationship, i have the opportunity to say with some certainty about the changes that’re happening at Yahoo Singapore here. We should continue expecting more changes and see how Yahoo scopes with new challenges coming from Google SE Asia.

That should be all from me for today.

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