Run Facebook ad in Singapore

Ok guys,

Some of you may already know this, but i came across this link today:
Create Ads on Facebook for Advertisers

This allow you to set up your Facebook ads, targeting Singapore Facebook users.

There are two options:

  • Create Social Ads
  • Create Facebook page

What i like about Social Ads is that it’s like running a PPC campaign except that instead of choosing keywords, you choose “interest related keywords”. What i mean by that is:

  • You can target Facebook users from Singapore only (Geotargeting)
  • You can choose Sex, Age, Education Status, Workplace, Relationship. Well this will be taken from users’ profile so there won’t be surprise that some users may just give fake information. However, the fact is that if you are a frequent facebook user, they tend to leave correct information because that’s how you make real friends, chat with your colleague, former classmate etc… (Demographic targeting)
  • You can choose keywords that you want your ads appear. Keywords can be : interests, favorite music, movies, etc…

The above picture shows you the total number of facebook users in Singapore who are 18+. This is what people call “reach”

Play around with the settings and see the total number change. To me this is the most important thing. Have a feel of how the current Singapore facebook users is like.
If you want go one step further, you can even note these number down to an excel file and have some nicely graphs…

Above is the number of guys who are in Singapore, 18+ and like Prison break, around 4000 guys (not bad huh)
How about new products? New Trend?
You probably have additional channel now (being facebook) to know what’s hot in town. Other traditional channels like Google keyword generator, Yahoo Keyword Estimation, Newspaper etc…
Facebook number can prove very helpful in time when you start to analyze the trend.

Create your ad:

The good thing is beside the old text format, they allow you to upload an image as well. Cool!
Please refer to the Ads Best practices on Facebook for more Bang on your Buck
Please find out the character limit yourself yeah? 😀

Daily Budget, Max CPC and Ad Scheduling

All of these basic features are available as well.

Well there you go, a brief update regarding Creating Facebook ads targeting Singapore users.
Facebook has

  • Deep Analytics: Understand who is engaging with your Social Ads/Pages and how.
  • Optimization: Refine your Social Ad targets, budget or creative instantly for more interaction. Increase the relevancy of your Page for more activity.

I haven’t tried this personally so i can’t comment on the effectiveness or ROI. However, from the look of it, they have some very good things going….

Anyone cares to comment if they tried Facebook ad before?

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