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Hi guys,

There are two good news today i would like to share:

1. First one is my appearance on Master Class panel on Digital Media Magazine Apr 2008.
Digital Media is the monthly magazine for Asia Pacific’s rapidly evolving interactive industry. This magazine is published in Hong Kong and distributed through out the region.
Read by senior management, marketers and agencies of the region’s leading blue chip brands, Digital Media is a must-read for any individual who is looking to use interactive media as part of their or their clients’ marketing or business strategies.

Inside this magazine, there is a section called Masterclass, which is like a tutorial on a particular subject for each month. This month (Apr 2008), it’s about doing digital for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise). It’s more for marketers who are new to Online.

The full title is: “Digital for SMEs” by Jo Bowman

For each Masterclass, there is a panel of three Experts who will give their views on the particular subject being discussed.

The panel for this month consists of:

  • Kent Wertime, president of OgilvyOne Asia-Pacific. He has spent 17 years in executive positions around Asia, having previously worked with agencies DMB&B, TBWA and BBDO in New York. His book “DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Media and Digital Marketing” was published in February.
  • Chandler Nguyen: which is myself.
  • Andrew Tu. Andrew is responsible for building the digital offering for OMD and PHD across Southeast Asia, and has more than 16 years’ experience in digital and emerging media from around the US and Asia. He previously worked with pay-TV broadcaster Astro in its multimedia division, was part of the start-up team at Microsoft as the MSN portal rolled out, and led Team Singtel at Y&R in Singapore.

On this Masterclass, we talked about the common pitfalls that SMEs face when they try to embark on Digital Marketing. Then we moved on to different options that SMEs can have with regards to Marketing, offline activities, online options…
Lastly we mentioned about how SMEs can decide which element of digital marketing will get them more bang for the buck.

Below is a picture of the Masterclass panel:

If you want to read the whole article, here it is: “Digital for SMEs
For the whole magazine, “Digital Media Apr 08 issue

2. Sydney is back!

Yup, a school kid told me that Sydney was seen on level 6 and that was where i found her.
She looked quite hungry after 6 days missing.
But she’s back with us now. YAY!
A picture of Sydney before she was missing.


  1. Thanks guys,
    It’s indeed very cool to be featured together with Kent and Andrew.

    to Trang Neu: well busy busy 😀 but it’s good. Let’s catch up sometimes.

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