Ad:Tech Singapore 2008 and some updates

Hi guys,

For those of you who are wondering what i have been doing over the past couple of weeks:

I was away on annual leave for about 10 days. It was an amazing trip with lots of sightseeing and experiencing a new culture.

I came back to Singapore right before Ad:Tech Singapore. If i am not mistaken, this is the first time ever Ad:Tech was organized in Singapore. It was a good two days even though i didn’t have a chance to listen to the conferences. Most of my time was spent at our company Stand.

There were quite a number of people at Ad:Tech. However, it can’t compare with Ad:Tech in other parts of the world. I guess it’s partly because of the poor organizer and marketing efforts.

Yahoo sponsored almost half of everything at Ad:Tech. They had the biggest stand, sponsored the goodies bags (which has a very big pencil and i like it), networking parties etc…
The networking party was good with many people turned up. The drinks were alright but the food was not Good. I guess it was better that way since you would be drunk faster on an empty stomach 🙂
Surprisingly Google had very limited presence there, they occupied one of the worst location possible in terms of the stand. At the same time, none of Googlers were there except for a very brief presence by one of the senior sales manager from DSO team.

I saw the booth for SEMPO but they canceled at the last minute. A few other companies abandoned Ad:Tech at the last minute as well.

This time round, in my opinion Ad:Tech Singapore was too much Singapore/SEA focus. We didn’t see international companies/delegates as much as we expected. Singapore Press Holding, a rather big traditional local companies had a very large booth. One of the Ministers even visited their booth and spent considered amount of time over there. I guess it’s self-benefiting.

The funny thing is i even saw a company who offers translation service at Ad:Tech. I am wondering how they are related to Digital Marketing.

As for Vietnamese companies/agencies, i only saw two companies who had people attending Ad:Tech. It’s not a bad thing. One of them is from a Mobile Ad Agency, the other is from a more Social Media Optimization (SMO)/Technology company.

For a complete list of exhibiting companies, please refer to the link.

To attend the conference at Ad:Tech Singapore, you needed to pay around SGD $800. Also, the conference venue was very far from the exhibition area. Not only it cost a lot, it was not convenient either so there were not many visitors around the Exhibition area, which was a shame.

Anyway, i just want to let you all know what i have been doing over the past couple of weeks.
I am back now and i will start blogging again since there are quite a number of exciting things happening at the moment.


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