Google, Yahoo Stock Price before Third-Quarter Earnings announcement 2008

Oh my god! I still can’t believe it. Google stock was traded at USD $334/share (10Oct)!

It has been a while since i checked Google stock price. The stock price was around USD $450 back then.
It’s a bit weird really since i am a Search Engine Marketer by profession and i use Google products day in day out.

google stock price Oct 10 2008

It hit $310.92 around on Friday 10 Oct 08! Just around 2 months ago on Aug 15, Google stock was traded at $510.15 (a whopping 50+% more than the current value!)

google stock price Aug 15 2008

Dare to make a guess how much Google stock was traded 10 months ago?

google stock price since dec 2007

It was USD $714.87 man! or 114% more than the current value.
Now imagine this, 10 months ago, you were supposed to be a millionaire working for Google because of your stock option. You had a cool, funky lifestyle and never really think about money. .. 10 months later your asset reduced by half! And i can only hope that it stops there…

Next week Oct 16, 2008, Google will announce 3rd quarter earnings. It’s going to be very very interesting to see how things unfold on that day…

The next question you may have how about Yahoo and Microsoft?

Yahoo’s stock experiences a huge drop as well.
On Friday Oct 10, the stock was trade at lowest USD $12.01

yahoo stock price Oct 10 2008

Two months ago, around Aug 15 2008, Yahoo price was around $20, which is 66% higher than the current value.
6 months ago, it was trade at USD $28+, which is nearly 2.5 times higher.
Microsoft proposed to buy Yahoo at $44.6 billion in cash and stock, which equates to $31/share just 7 months ago.
I am guessing Yahoo board of directors will have to come up with few serious answers to questions raised by shareholders. Whoever holds Yahoo stock just loses short term around 60% asset.

As for the trend, Google and Yahoo stocks seem to share the same trend since April 2008. I don’t dare to imagine what will happen after Google third-quarter earnings announcement on Oct 16 and Yahoo on Oct 21. Is it possible that Yahoo share will be traded at USD $5.0? Google’s at $200 (the price 5-6 years ago…)

google and yahoo stock trend in 2008

Last but not least is Microsoft share….

It hit a new low of $21.50 on Oct 10 as well. This is the lowest in the past 2 years or so.

microsoft stock price oct 10 2008

microsoft stock price since 2006

Let’s just wait and see how Oct 16 will unfolds before us ….


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