Singapore Top Industry Search Terms

About 6 months ago, i wrote an article about Singapore Top Search terms for 19 industries.
The purpose behind was to give readers a general feeling about Singapore Online Landscape, what interest Singaporean.
I will cover them again this time with some comparison to the previous data.

For those who wonder how the data was collected “the terms listed below are ranked by volume of searches that successfully drove traffic to websites in the XYZ category for the 24 weeks ending July 26, 2008 or Aug 30 2008″
The following industries are featured in alphabetical order…

Automotive – Manufacturers

Automotive Manufacturers Singapore Jul08

The above table is quite self explanatory. I use Blue color for those search terms/brands that have gained search volume substantially from Feb08 figures to Jul08 figures.
Those in orange are the opposite.

By itself, the table above does not provide much information or be able to induce action.
Questions one can ask include:

  • Does the total search volume to automotive – manufacturer category increase/decrease over time?
  • We can see that for all the top 10 search terms 24 weeks ending Jul08, the percentage share decreased compared to the data for Feb08. This can mean a number of things:

+) Singaporean is looking for a variety of things related automotive category over time. Hence the percentage of each term decreases.
+) Singaporean tends to use more long tail keyword to search for things online over time. Instead of typing in just Toyota, they type in “used toyota car” for example.

  • Mazda is definitely a brand worth doing more research on. More people searching for them can either be good or bad.

For example, if they launch new cars, do more Press release, marketing etc… and people search for them more online, that is a good thing.
They should check their sales revenue Year on Year to see if there is any increase as well.
On the other hand, the increase in Online Interest from Singaporeans can be the result of some Negative PRs, news they got. Any major complaints about the safety of Mazda cars, product recall?

  • For deeper analysis, one can use Google Keyword Research Tool, Google Insights for Search, gathering marketing initiatives/news about each of the brand above over the past 6 months etc…
  • I hope by now you got the idea that i am trying to convey. Data without context means little and it’s hard to act on it…. However, what it does is to provide general feeling about the category as a whole.

Aviation – Commercial Airlines

Aviation commercial Airlines Singapore jul 08

Well it’s pretty much stable for airlines industry. Most of the players are still there with more or less the same ranking. The only noteworthy info is the entry of cathay pacific to the top 10 terms. It has 1.27% of the search volume, which is not bad at all.
Many of the questions above can be asked again here in order to put the context behind these numbers. But it’s beyond the scope of this post because i don’t intend to dive deep into any particular category at this point.

Lifestyle – Dating

lifestyle dating singapore jul 08

Besides the drastic drop of dateinasia or adultfriendfinder, you can notice a prominent trend regarding online dating in Singapore: the gay community. It seems that it gathers more and more interest. should be quite happy now since it should be receiving a lot of traffic from Singapore lately. is the only one (of all the brands above) who’s running a Pay per Click campagin on Google though. So this could be the reason why it receives more traffic compared to other sites.

Education Category

education category singapore jul08

Ah well, it’s education and nothing really fancy about it 😛

Fashion category

fashion category singapore jul08

Food and Beverage Category

food and beverage singapore aug 08

Fast food still dominates this category in Singapore, which is a bit alarming….

Finance – Insurance Category

insurance singapore aug 08

This is obviously the data before the current financial turmoil though. Search volume for AIG or AIA should be sky high for the past 1 month. You can refer to another article i wrote about Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, AIA in SEA context

Health category

health category singapore aug 08

Osim and Planet Fitness enter the top 10 which is a good sign for them.

Legal category

legal category singapore aug 08

Entertainment – Movies category

movies category singapore aug 08

Music category

music category singapore jul 08

News and Media category

news and media category singapore aug 08

I am actually very surprised to see Asiaone is the number 1 search term in this category. They jumped from number 4 to number 1 with Channel News Asia remains more or less constant.
Edison Chen is no longer there, which is expected.

For the rest of the categories like: travel, wedding, shopping, religion, i guess you will have to refer to Hitwise data. I don’t see huge different in those categories though. As for stock category, the data was collected before the current turmoil so nothing spectacular there.

Have to go for lunch now.

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