Hitwise pulled the plug in Singapore?

Note: After i published this post, i received the confirmation from Hitwise that they still service Singapore. The broken links are merely some technical issues.
Thanks Hitwise for letting us know!

I checked out Hitwise Singapore today and found a couple of broken links.

hitwise singapore on google search

However, when i clicked on the link sg.hitwise.com, it is a broken link.

sg.hitwise.com broken link

Then i tried to access the page by going through the home page. Apparently, the link was changed to : http://sg.hitwise.com/resources/data-center.php
It is here that i find it very strange because the interface was changed. If you click on “Top Websites and Search Engine Analysis”, it redirects you to http://www.hitwise.com.au/datacenter/main/dashboard-1706.html
The same situation happens with other links like Top Industry Search Terms and the like.
So my question is What happened to Hitwise Singapore??!

Did they pull the plug on the Singapore operation? Because it’s hard to think that Australian data is somehow more meaningful to Singapore market compared to local data.

Actually, under Hitwise Office Location, Singapore office is no longer there! or was it there in the first place? Now you only see a US number.

hitwise singapore office no longer exists

If it’s true that Hitwise no longer reports/gathers any data for Singapore market, personally i will find it depressing because so far, Hitwise was the only company who officially published any analytic data regarding Singapore market for free. Without Hitwise public data, information like search engine market share, top industry search terms etc… won’t be easily accessible.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes from here…

Have a good weekend,

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