New Yahoo Ad format in Singapore

Tonight while casually surfing the Net, i came across the new ad format by Yahoo Singapore.
I will definitely call our contact at Yahoo Singapore to ask for more information first thing tomorrow morning but this is really amusing. Yahoo is testing new ad format…

Yahoo Singapore New Ad format on Homepage

If you haven’t noticed it yet, then here is the close up version

Yahoo Singapore new ad format on homepage close up version

In that so called “Frontpage WAM” position, normally Yahoo puts up only one advertiser Display Ad, not multiple text links like what we see above.
See screenshot below

yahoo singapore display ad WAM position on homepage

I am not 100% sure about the motivation behind testing the new ad format on the homepage WAM position on Yahoo SG. However, it seems that the recession is hitting Yahoo SG as well because after refreshing the browser a few times, i couldn’t see any advertiser Display Ads, they are all internal Yahoo Display Ads.

Anyway, I will provide update on this later on.


P.S: After my chat with the guys at Yahoo SG, it turned out that the above is simply a new internal ads by Yahoo to promote Yahoo Search Marketing in days that Yahoo does not have advertisers for WAM position.

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