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Well i have been obsessed with different type of numbers lately and so today i want to share a few key Singapore statistics as a country. This is to continue the conversation with my flatmate over lunch.

All of the statistics can be found on Statistics Singapore: Key Annual Indicators.
Even though i know that numbers in silo won’t do anyone any good. However, I won’t try to read between the lines too much but rather give suggestions only.

ok here goes….

1. Population:

  • Total population (as of 2008): 4.839 millions
  • Singapore residents: 3.642 millions (include of 3.164 mil Singaporeans and 0.478 mil Singapore permanent resident)
  • Foreign workers and ex pats: 1.197 mil
  • Foreign workers, expats and PRs over Singaporeans: (1.197+0.478) / 3.164 = 52.9%

Yup, for every 2 Singaporeans, there is 1 foreigner staying here in Singapore!

There are many ways to go from here like: racial/social harmony, debate over the need for foreign talents in Singapore, Singapore internal market place or how it is compared to Hong Kong for example?

  • Hong Kong total population (as of 2008): 7.008 mil
  • By 2006, 95% of the population are Chinese, followed by Filipino 1.6%

Obviously Hong Kong population is much higher than Singapore and the percentage of non Chinese is much lower.

2. Economic Indicators:


  • GDP as of 2008: SGD $257.418 billion
  • GAP per capita: SGD $53,192
  • GDP per Capita excluding people below 15 and above 65: SGD $67,700

I know any kinda of comparison between countries will be imperfect taking into consideration cost of living, purchasing power and so forth.
But well if you are in Singapore and knowing this number at least you know where you stand on average.

(Additional resource from Wiki: List of countries by GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) )

  • GDP in Q1/09 compared to Q1/08: -9.6%
  • Employment Mar09: 2.951 mil
  • Monthly Wages/Earnings Q4/08: 4,229
  • There are plenty of meaningful graphs which you can find under Statistical Charts section as well like Real Economic Growth, Visitor Arrivals, International Telephone call Minutes etc…

We have so many valuable numbers from this site. However, the tricky thing is to understand them in their respective context and it’s obviously beyond the scope of this post/my capacity T_T to go that far so i will leave it here.
For information about Singapore Online Stats, please go to Hitwise Singapore data center. This month industry spotlight is about Retail Industry


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