Young girl or the old lady?

It has been a long time since my last post. Today it won’t be about anything technical i promise you 🙂 It will be more personal this time round.

Not that any of you will be interested to know but I have a lovely baby girl now. She’s nearly 5 month old and she’s such an angel in our life. Since she was born, my wife and I often talk about how we would like to raise her, to give her all we can because we have high hope for her.

As we finished dinner and prepare to go to bed, we just happened to come across this picture again today:


(For those who has seen this picture above, please bear with me)

Who do you see from the picture? How old is that person? Is it a young girl or an old lady?

My wife insisted that it’s a young girl. I asked her to try again to see if she saw something different, the answer was still the same, it was a young lady. After going back and forth for 4 times, this time round I told her specifically “What you are seeing is ALSO the picture of an OLD lady, about 70-80 years old”. Slowly as I showed her each line on the old lady face, her nose, her chin etc.., my wife started to “see” the old lady.

This reminds me of the last time I share this with a group in a nice resort in Vietnam. Most of the group members saw this picture for the first time that day and of course they found themselves in the same situation as my wife, some of them saw a beautiful girl, some saw an old lady.

They are BOTH RIGHT in their point of view. Amazing isn’t it!? to have the same thing right in front of your eyes, yet you can SEE very different thing. More importantly, if no one has shown you the other side, you would keep insisting that you are right and the other person is wrong.

I always believe that there is no absolutely right and absolutely wrong in this world. More importantly as a phrase in the bible goes “God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead.” so who we are as human to think we have the right to judge another human being. I also believe in honesty and a strong work ethics. Be a reliable/responsible person is something that I will try to teach my kid when she grows up. That would mean you do what you promise to do and if you fail, you try to do it again.

In the end, we hope that she could to see both the young girl and the old lady when she grows up. Not many people in this world can see both. So even if she couldn’t see it, we won’t blame her. It’s what any parent would do in the same situation isn’t it?

Sleep well my Sophie. One day when you are old enough to look at the picture above, i will show you again 🙂 like what i did last time.

From papa with love,





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