Facebook, please fix your Facebook for Business Sign Up page

First of all, sorry for my “rant”. It’s just that I have seen this for about 2 months now and today I have to write something about it.

Ok here is the situation, Facebook has been quite active with their ads on mobile device to promote Facebook for Business solution.

Here is what I see every time I use Facebook App on iPhone or Android

Facebook ad on mobile device


Upon clicking on the sign up button, below is what you see on Samsung Galaxy S4:

facebook for business sign up page on android


Guess what you could see from the landing page above? Nothing right??? and I can’t even zoom out.

I can’t see the content clearly if at all. It’s clear that this page is not Mobile optimized at all. How is that possible you may ask? While a Mobile First company like Facebook runs a campaign, targeting mobile devices and then direct users to such a landing page? And I am not using a “Fork” Android device either, I am using a mainstream Samsung Galaxy device. By the way, Android has the majority of the market share in Singapore.

Guess what’s the bounce rate on that page for Mobile would be?

I tried again on iPhone to see if the experience was better and this was what I got:

facebook for business sign up page on iOS



While I can see the “whole” landing page, the sign up form is so small that it’s so hard for me to sign up.

Also, it’s clear that Facebook could target people based on geo location so please provide me with only one phone number that you want me to call, not two for different countries. You should know where I am as this is one of your unique selling points.

I am not at all qualified to speak about user experience on mobile device but I guess my point is clear. I am curious to understand the conversion rate from click to sign up on Android and iOS for Facebook for Business ad.

Also, may I suggest common sense and “less is more” for mobile landing pages? or may be some creative optimisation? I always see the same “lady” for the past two months.




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