iphone 6 is the most searched smartphone in APAC in 2014

This may not come as a surprise but the interest for iphone in general and iphone 6 in particular is huge in APAC plus Japan.

From a monthly average search volume on Google across markets in APAC, iphone 6 interest is 4 times more than “Samsung Galaxy S5” or “Nexus 5” and almost 13 times more than “HTC One M8”.


iphone 6 the hottest device in apac 2014 v2

What surprising (or note) is the fact that majority of product research for these phones happen on mobile devices except Nexus 5, Moto X and HTC One M8.

60% of product research for iphone 6 in APAC using mobile devices

60% of people search about iphone 6 on mobile devices in 2014

Similarly for Samsung Galaxy S5 with 57%

samsung galaxy s5 product research in apac 2014



From market perspective, Australia, India and Thailand are the top 3 countries that search for iphone 6 the most. I don’t include China or Japan in the graph below because Google is blocked or doesn’t have dominant market share in those markets.

iphone 6 demand from apac countries


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