“Search Engine Marketing in the Mobile Age” ebook published

Hi there,

If you are here, you may wonder what this ebook is about and whether it could help you?

This ebook is for digital marketing professionals who want to gain a practical, advanced knowledge of how to manage global search engine marketing (paid search) program from start to finish in the mobile age. I include a lot of references to Google Adwords online guide so that you could learn different basic concepts at suitable stages. This book would be ideal for you if:

  • You just finished the Google Adwords fundamental or advanced training and don’t know where to start?
  • You have been running SEM campaigns for a few years and not sure how to make it to the next level? or how SEM on mobile devices would be different?
  • You are looking for ways to relate what you are doing with SEM to the larger business context (chapter 4 on “campaign brief” is what you need)
  • You are not sure how to conduct a rigorous SEM test, to reach statistical significance?
  • You are swimming in tons of data/numbers and not sure where to start, how to make sense of them all and how best to optimise the campaign? (chapter 11 on “actionable insight reporting” and chapter 12 “on-going optimisation” would help you)

The ebook is sold for $2.99, click here to buy the pdf version. The pdf ebook would be sent to your email automatically.

The ebook is about 100 pages, divided into 12 main chapters. It was written using a modular approach so that you could jump to any topic of interest. If you are completely new to SEM, you could start with the first two chapters about the basics.

If you already have basic knowledge, you could start on chapter 3 about “SEM campaign cycle“.

You could download a free sample chapter on “On-going optimization” if you want to take a peek. There is no sign up required.

 Amazon kindle version of the ebook is here.
To ensure that you get the most out of the ebook, feel free to reach out to me with any questions when you read it. If you have any comments to make the ebook better, please reach out as well. My email is chandlerblog at gmail dot com.
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