My top 4 picks from 2015 Smarties Global Awards

For those who don’t know what these awards are about, their self introduction is as followed “the MMA Smarties Awards is the world’s global mobile marketing awards program honoring innovation, creativity, and success”. 2015 Global Smarties winners are here across multiple categories. Obviously, all of the global winners have good business impact so my top picks would be subjective and based on what I think is innovative,original or simple yet effective based on solid user insight.

1. Build GLA on Instagram

I like this because the idea/strategy married perfectly with the target audience insights (i.e. for auto-maker, the most important online sales tool is the “build your own” car feature) with the strength of the channel that was used to execute it (i.e. Instagram). And of course Instagram is used by millennials which is the target audience.

The result is the world first “Customise an all-new GLA on Instagram”

2. Audi TT brochure hack

The idea of combining smartphone and print is not new. However, I love this idea because it brings the integration to the next level by putting on sensors on the brochure itself, turning the page into a “smart surface”, enabling haptic feedback and allowing target customers to experience the “virtual cockpit”.

3. Lifebuoy Flood

A simple and effective use of location based, rich media creative based on customer need! We need more of these ads in 2016.

4. KappAhl Life & Style All Mobile Loyalty Club

While the idea is not new, it’s based on solid user insight and I appreciate the complexity of executing this at enterprise scale, working with multiple teams!

That’s all from me. Let me know which award you find interesting.




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