8 key facts about China Digital Marketing Landscape (data from eMarketer)

Happy Chinese New Year,

The data below about the China digital marketing landscape is taken from various eMarketer report. The pdf version of this report could be download from here or the slideshare version is here.


1. China has 3X more Mobile Internet users than the US

China has 3X more Mobile Internet users than the US


2. Daily, users in China spend roughly 50% of their total time spent with media on Digital devices, including Mobile (non voice, 120 mins) and Desktop/Laptop surfing the internet (64 mins)

daily time spent by user in china on mobile devices and desktop laptop


3. China is the second biggest market in the world behind the US in terms of digital ad spend with roughly 49.1% of total media spend on digital

china and the us digital ad spend 2014-2018


4. More than 50% of digital ad spend is on mobile in China, similar to the US

China mobile ad spend vs the us 2014 - 2018


5. SEM ad still commands about 50% of the total digital ad spend in China, followed by Video Ad at around 24%

ad spend by format in china 2015 - 2018


6. Programmatic Display is forecasted to be more than 50% of Digital Display Ad Spend in 2016

programmatic display ad spend in china from 2014 - 2018


7. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT) command more than 50% of all Digital Ad Revenue in China in 2015

ad revenue by major publishers and search engines in china 2014 - 2018


8. China Retail e-commerce sales and number of digital buyers are 2.5X more than those in the US in 2016

china retail e-commerce sales and digital buyers 2014 -2018


Once again, The pdf version of this report could be download from here or the slideshare version is here.


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