Practical & prescriptive book on writing better content – Highly recommended

You may be like me, have been writing your personal blog for a couple of years, your work also involves creating presentation on a regular basis. You are looking for guides on how you could improve your writing both the high level approach on storytelling and practical tips. I found exactly what I am looking for in “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content” by Ann Handley.
I like the flow of the book, which starts by explaining why writing good content could be learnt, story rules, publishing rules, grammar and usage; then ends with practical online tools you could use. It’s a fairly comprehensive, yet easy to read since Ann breaks things down into short and sweet rules. Each rule is not longer than 1-2 pages, using multiple real life examples to “show don’t tell”.
Ann also included many other references, books, blogs in this book as well so after reading it, you may find yourself with dozen of materials to continue your journey on creating better content.
Should you buy it? Yes I think you should. At $13 for kindle version, it’s not more than 2 cups of coffee yet it could help you tremendously.
Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating !

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