“The power of habit” – strong narrative & highly recommended

Today post is going to be a short one. Just some notes from me about a great book that I read recently “The power of habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg.

“Habits can be changed if we understand how they work” – this is the central theme of the book.
I really like the overall narrative. The story starts at a personal level, then moves into corporation and the society at large. It has a near perfect blend between practical advices, real life examples and the actual science behind.
Because of this combination, the book would appeal to a wide range of audiences, some of whom may love the science behind, some are only after the practical advices.

I work in marketing service industry so I appreciate the case studies from marketing angle as well like “Target” or “pepsodent” etc. These examples help me to think about my work and how to apply some specific techniques to make them better 🙂

Overall, it’s highly recommended.

Have a great labour day everyone!


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