Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaking at Forbes Global CEO Conference 2019

Forbes organised their 2019 global CEO conference in Singapore this week. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attended and answered a series of questions ranging from the Hong Kong protest, US/China relationship, ASEAN to climate change, Singapore birth rate, etc.

Forbes Global CEO Conference 2019

Overall, I am very impressed with his responses. They are sharp and direct. Through his answers, if you read between the lines, you also get a sense of how PM Lee thinks about the current US administration, US/China trade war, the Hong Kong protesters, ASEAN integration. His answers, once again, demonstrate an extremely pragmatic approach that Singapore has been using over the past many decades in developing the nation.

I am also very impressed with the fact that PM Lee knows key stats very well by heart. It shows that he and his team have been spending a considerable amount of time and resources in analyzing the issues and developing suitable solutions.

I strongly recommend you watching the entire playlist. It is only about 45 minutes.


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