What I am grateful for since I relocated to the US

Hi there,

As per my previous post, I recently relocated to the US in late 2021. And I want to journal my experience through time. This post will be about what I am grateful for since I moved. I will update it regularly as new things come up.

(Update late 2023: after two years in the US, this is what I am still grateful for.)

1. Being in a new country forces me to learn new things

Moving to the US “forces” me to learn about new topics, which I would never learn otherwise. And while the initial learning phase is challenging, I am grateful about the experience.

For example, I find myself listening to podcasts about:

  • Investing mainly from an US perspective, mainly about US market
  • Crypto.
  • Different life hacks in the US: All the hacks. It is particularly helpful to learn about different credit card miles programs, or point programs for hotel and airlines.

My reasoning is that since I am in the US, I might learn about topics that were not of interest enough to me in the past.

2. The greater sense of freedom

My view may change over time but as of now, I feel a greater sense of freedom, living here in the US. It is a much larger country than any country that I have lived in so there is a sense of more opportunities too (because the domestic market is much larger). I am sure the competition may be more intense (or someone will tell me that the system is rigged somehow), I will learn as I experience more.

For example, you can make real money being a content creator or writer in the US. It is very hard to do in Asia.

3. California has beautiful nature

“Duh, such an obvious observation”, you may say. Well, something has to be appreciated through experience and beautiful nature is one of those things. I am grateful that we currently live in California and the weather is very conducive for outdoor activities.

Spring flowers in sunny California

4. Certain type of food ingredients are fresher

Seafood, or certain type of vegetables are a lot fresher (and even cheaper) here in California. Vietnamese food and vegetables are a lot better in the US, in comparison to Singapore.

5. Wine, whiskey and beer are cheaper

This is in comparison to Singapore, not other countries. Alcoholic beverage in Singapore is very expensive.

6. The sky is blue without many clouds every day

Every day, as I sit down at my desk, there is a blue sky outside. Such a happy feeling 🙂

7. Lovely cherry blossom during spring

lovely cherry blossom during spring in CA 2022

8. It’s beautiful to exercise outdoor

The weather is so nice that it “forces” you to exercise every day outdoor, even a quick walk or a light jog.

Last but not least, I recently created a group on Facebook called Asian Expats in the US so that we can share/discuss more tips directly. Feel free to join.

That’s all from me for now.


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