Interest in chatGPT doubled in the US over the past two weeks (late Jan to early Feb 2023)

Yes, you read it right, as of Feb 11, the interest in chatGPT is not slowing down by accelerating in the US.

interest in chatGPT from Nov 2022 to Feb 2023

Looking closer, interest in OpenAI (the company behind chatGPT) (the yellow line on the graph above) remains stable (albeit at an elevated level vs. before).

The data is from Google Trends for the US.

Interest in Google Bard is rising faster than OpenAI

interest in Google Bard vs OpenAI vs ChatGPT vs Bing Feb 2023

Surprisingly, while Microsoft had a good event on Feb 7, the interest in Bing Search didn’t explode over the past few days. I don’t know why, probably because access to the new Bing Chat is not yet available to the public in mass. So beyond key reporters, most people don’t have any experience with Bing Chat.

Zooming into the past seven days, this is what you see from Feb 04 until now. There was a big (relative to before) bump for Google bard and a generally increasing interest in Bing.

interest in Google bard vs chatGPT vs Bing from Feb 4 until Feb 11

Top 5 subregions by interest for ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing

The top five subregions in terms of interest for ChatGPT and Bard are not surprising but Bing’s are. I don’t have a good hypothesis on why West Virginia, Wyoming or Mississippi are the top 3 subregions for Bing. What do you think?

People in the US want to see Bard demo

rising search queries related to Google Bard Feb 2023

That’s all from me. Let me know what you think below


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