Dancing with Quirks: A Whimsical Journey in the Land of the Free

I wrote a previous article about 11 quirky facts about the US – Seen Through an Asian Expat’s Eyes. And now with the help from ChatGPT, here is the poem version. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Dancing with Quirks: A Whimsical Journey in the Land of the Free

In the land of burgers, fries, and quirky delight,
A year has passed, and what a sight!
Food portions for giants, sales tax a game,
Drive-thrus for everything, it’s never the same!

Tipping’s a dance, ratings a jest,
State laws vary, east to west,
Public toilets a peek, turning right a flair,
In the quirky USA, nothing compares!

Physical checks, a nostalgic glance,
A paper dance, a quirky romance,
Return policy generous, shopping a breeze,
In the land of the free, we do as we please!

State laws diverse, a colorful array,
Guns, taxes, marriage, a different play,
Public toilets with gaps, a humorous view,
In the quirky USA, there’s always something new!

Turning right on red, a dance with grace,
A rule, a right, a privileged embrace,
In our Facebook group, we share and jest,
In the quirky USA, we’re simply the best!

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