“The changing world order” Ray Dalio’s insights about what to come in the next 5 – 30 or 50 years

How to apply Ray Dalio’s sharings to your personal finance?

The forgotten crisis

I almost made the wrong conclusion about “the Epidemic of Despair” by Anne Case and Angus Deaton

The forgotten crisis

In the next six months, more than 265 million people will suffer acute hunger globally (data from the World Food Programme). The previous projection for 2020 is about 135 million…

Less meeting, more thinking

Less meeting time, more thinking time

Bad meetings cost time and money (more than $37B/year in the US alone). And they reduce time to think, especially for executives. Make better choices with your calendar today.

India advertising landscape: a relatively small market

Estimated media ad spending ($B) in 2019 india indonesia china russia brazil mexico

1. India total media ad spending is estimated at $10B in 2019 2. Media ad spend growth rate is about 14% in 2019, 2 times the average worldwide growth rate 3. India average ad spend per person is amongst the lowest in the world Given India inconsistent GDP growth, we can only be cautiously optimistic…