Navigating Open Enrollment: Essential Reads for Expats in the US

If you work for a company in the US, it is likely that now is the open enrollment period for next year’s benefits. Open Enrollment is a crucial period where you can evaluate and make changes to your benefits, ensuring they align with your current needs and future goals. For expats residing in the US, understanding the nuances of health insurance and other benefits can be a daunting task, given the differences in healthcare systems. These readings aim to demystify some of the complexities and aid you in making informed choices during this pivotal time.

If you are wondering why healthcare or health insurance in the US are too expensive, you are not alone. Read:

Last but not least, of course, continue to do your own research and make informed decisions as this is your own money. While I try to be helpful, I am not a financial planner or certified insurance/medical professional. Feel free to share your comments below.

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