“Learn to lead” my new book on team management is published

Hi everyone,

I am super excited to share that my fourth book “Learn to lead” is officially published and available on Amazon (or pdf format).

The main motivation behind this book is that over the years, as I continue to build and manage different teams across different cultures and companies (from 3-4 people to more than 65 people across 8 offices and 6 countries), I have been sharing a core set of advices to my team members/colleagues. While the circumstances are different case by case, the key principles behind are relatively the same. So I have been trying to note these recommendations down and hence, this book was started.

No one is born a good people manager, yet we often expect new managers to be good at managing a team within a relatively short period of time (just a few years) sometimes without proper training or coaching. From my experiences, being a good people manager will not happen by itself. It takes a burning desire to be good at it and years of practice.

I hope this book will provide practical advices and help you in your journey. Based on the content, it is most helpful to  managers with less than five years of team management experience.

The book has two main parts. The first part is about being someone worth following. I strongly believe that to be a good people manager, it is critical that you continue to grow as a human being. Yes, I understand that there is no single definition of the “ideal” human being and each culture would offer different nuances; however, on certain levels, everyone will agree on what values a decent human being should have. In part two, I discuss different aspects of team management that you may need to know to be successful like:

  • Earn the trust and respect of your team
  • Let them be themselves at work
  • Delegate based on personal strength
  • etc.

I also include relevant researches, studies or articles wherever suitable. While writing this book, I realize how many mistakes I have made throughout the years so I truly appreciate how difficult it is to be a good people manager. I am thankful to many previous managers, colleagues, friends who have helped me along the journey. I have learnt a lot from each one of them, in many ways.



P.S: if you happen to prefer the pdf format, here is the link to buy.

if you have any questions/comments on the book, feel free to email me via chandlerblog at gmail dot com.

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