Online Advertising Landscape in Singapore

This post serves as an introduction to Online Advertising Landscape in Singapore.
I won’t go into too much details. Specific topics will be covered later.

As some of you may know, people in Singapore market starts to see how powerful and cost effective Online advertising medium can be.
Although online advertising has been around for many years, it only takes off for Singapore market 2 years ago.
More and more companies start using Search Engine Marketing, whether it is Google/Yahoo.
Unfortunately for MSN, the product is quite good but the Search market share is simply too small so not many people are using them.
Below is the Singapore Leading Search Engines stats taken from Hitwise:

Google search marketing in Singapore is on Cost per Click model or CPC model just like the rest of the markets. You can use one platform and target different markets. I will go into that in my next post.

Yahoo search marketing on the other hand is on CPM model (cost per metric thousand) ; which is very unique since it’s keyword based advertising haha. However, it has been working very well for Yahoo in this region and definitely it deserves a whole article. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Yahoo Singapore (Yahoo headquarter of Southeast Asia) so i guess i can share quite a bit about how they work and why they use CPM model.

MSN will need to wait until Microsoft buys Yahoo then…

However, when we talk about online advertising or digital media, we can’t ignore the fact that search engine advertising (SEM and Search Engine Optimization, SEO) is not the only channels to achieve advertisers’ needs. There can be many other channels like Media Buy, Affiliate etc…
There ‘s no doubt that Search Engine advertising will play a big part in fulfilling advertisers’ needs for cost effective marketing campaign. But a good marketer should take into consideration all other channels.

I will go through briefly other channels besides search engine advertising later as well.

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