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Today topic is one of my favorite topic in the Search Engine Marketing series. I can talk all day about this. However, I realize that there are many other sources that provide information with regards to Google Adwords so rather than talking about all the technical stuff, i will give some review or rather sharing some of my experiences working with Adwords.

For complete information about how to Learn Google Adwords, please refer to Google Advertising professionals

I have been using Adwords for quite some time, and i am in love with it. It is such a powerful marketing concept, which is materialized perfectly. If you have any doubts about Adwords, just take a look at Google stock price. It’s over US $500 + for a company which is less than 10 years old.
And the majority of all Google revenue is coming from its advertising program, Adwords or Adsense.

The key benefit of adwords to me is its flexibility. Because of that you can change, edit, test anything you want anytime, anywhere 🙂
Sitting on one single platform and advertise in multiple countries, using their local language, be it english, vietnamese, chinese, japanese… Wau!
Further more, you can test different marketing concepts, strategies instantaneously, which traditional offline medium can never compete!
Just imagine spending 15 minutes signing up with Google Adwords, choose your target countries, audience, keywords, marketing creative and then your ads will appear in front of millions of people! It just can’t get any faster….

Haha, i sound like PR person from Google…right? but seriously i love the products and Google has never failed to amaze me with the speed that Adwords is evolving

Recently it’s the Cost per Action campaign for SouthEast Asia markets, which literally means advertisers only pay when visitors take a specific action on their site. Normally the action is a sales or a sales lead.
These visitors are driven into advertisers site from a group of independent website owners/publishers. So what motivates these independent website owners/publishers or affiliate to drive traffic to advertisers’ sites?
It’s because advertiser sets a bounty as a reward for any affiliate who can bring them convertible visitors/sales. For example, if i am Dell computer, i will use Google system to tell independent publishers that for every sales that is made on Dell’s website, i will pay the publisher who drives that particular visitor to my site X amount of money (like $50.0)

OK enough of these so called complicated stuff. If this is the first time you are exposed to online advertising, or search engine marketing these may not make sense to you. For the benefits of those first timers, i will dedicated the next post to go into some simple concepts of Google adwords.

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