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12 Mobile SEM ad best practices

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As many readers continue to visit my past article about 14 mobile SEM ad copy best practices (written in 2015), I feel compelled to update the best practices as lots have changed since 2015. This post include 12 best practices for mobile SEM ad copies, including the use of expanded text ad (ETA), responsive search ad (RSA), keyword insertion and many others.

Search Engine Market share in APAC December 2016

Hi there, Mar 2019: an updated version of this post is here search engine market share in APAC in 2019 (including South Korea, China, and other APAC markets). Since this topic has become one of the most popular content on my blog, I am trying to update the data again. I would include the data source…

14 Mobile SEM ad copy best practices

mobile sem ad copy on iphone 5 and 6s

As Search Engine Marketing is a crucial component of many digital marketing plans in the mobile age, having solid mobile SEM ad copies is becoming more and more important. In this post, I will share 14 best practices for Mobile SEM ad copies. We won’t talk about messaging strategy as it would take a lots of space…

Search Engine Market Share in APAC countries September 2015

Hi there, This is another update on Search Engine Market share across key markets in JAPAC. As per usual, I would try to include the original source of the data as well so that you could verify the data yourself. 1. Search engine market share in China Data from CNZZ site for Aug 2014 showed…