SEM: some updates since Oct 07

Hi there,

It has been a while since my last post. Obviously there have been a lot of things happening since October 2007 with regards to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry and the Online Marketing World.

So much’s happened that i don’t know where to start. I guess, to start the ball rolling, let’s list down a few items that i think are good food for reading on a Sunday night:

  • If you are totally new to Search Engine Marketing industry, you are looking for a change in your career path, want to explore SEM? You need to read the result from this salary survey done by SEMPO: Reality Check: In-House Search Marketing Pays Well
  • If you intend to read between the lines from the above survey, you need to be really careful to understand the full context and findings of that survey. It’s for In-house SEM, not from agencies side, that’s the first thing to note…
  • Now that i got your attention after reading the salary survey, if you want to learn about SEM, i recommend you start with Adwords Learning Center. Over the year, the Learning Center has changed very much. And now i must admit that everything you need to know about Pay Per Click (PPC), or Paid Search are there. The guys at Google have done an excellent job, they cover a wide range of topics with very clear explanation and example.
  • Another part of SEM is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To learn this and do it well, it’s really an art. You need to read and update yourself a lot. A few sources that i think contain very good information/update about SEO are:
    • Danny Sullivan: well, anything he writes is good 😀 but especially SEO
  • Recently, Tamar compiled a list of what he thinks are the best internet marketing blog posts in 2007 . I have a read through and find some articles are really good.
  • Well, the truth is to survive in this industry, you need to read a lot and update yourself very frequently. The way i do that is quite simple, set up Google Alert and use Google Reader. Both of them are quite straightforward to use and extremely effective.

Well, it seems quite a lot for a newbie to SEM to digest in one evening. However, to those experienced professional, i understand that there could be nothing new to you in this post.
Bear with me this time, ok? This is just to start the ball rolling again after so long 😀

Have a nice Sunday everyone,

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