Digital Survival Guide on iMedia


For those who’s wondering why i have not been blogging lately, it’s partly because of Chinese New Year break and more importantly i have been very busy at work.
The industry’s started gathering some momentum since the economic crisis and that would mean people like us getting busier.

I have a good news to share with everyone as well. That is i started contributing to iMedia Connection. My first series is titled: A digital survival guide for the recession

I shared 4 main points being:

  1. What are the fastest ways to waste money online?
  2. Different digital media options
  3. Tips on how to choose a search engine marketing agency
  4. Holistic approach to web analytics and competitive analysis

I hope that this series may be of help to marketing managers who suddenly find themselves having the need to spend more time, effort and budget on Digital.

That’s pretty much it for today. A couple of things are already on my mind so hopefully the next article will be out soon 🙂

Have a nice evening in Singapore and a great day ahead in US!

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