Search Engine Market Share in APAC Jun 2014

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As it turns out quite a lot of people visit my blog because they are looking for search engine market shares around the world. Hence I decide to update the data every 6 months. Unlike previous posts, this time I will focus on Asia Pacific countries only.

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Update 2019: here is the recent 2019 search engine market share update.

1. Search Engine Market Share in SouthEast Asia (SEA)

You could refer to the report by comScore here if you want to know the source of the data.

The report is a bit “old” from internet standard but it’s one of the official sources that I could find.

The below is the market share in Mar 2013. Google dominates all markets, followed by Yahoo & Bing.

search engine market share in southeast asia 2014

2. Search Engine Market Share in North Asia

The landscape in North Asia is slightly more complicated than in SEA where Google and Yahoo dominate. We have quite a lot of local players especially in China and KR.

2.1 Search Engine Market Share in China

The top 3 are: Baidu, Qihoo and Sogou with more than 97% of the market share based on pageviews or unique visitors (data source CNZZ for May 2014).

The below search engine market share in China is based on pageview

search engine market share china by pageview

As you could see, China market is dominated by three local players Baidu, Qihoo and Sogou. The rest holds negligible share. If you run Search engine marketing campaigns in China, you would seriously need to consider going beyond Google/Bing/Yahoo.

2.2 Search Engine Market share in Korea

For Korea, it’s the same situation as China where local players are much stronger than international players i.e. Google/Yahoo/Bing.

The picture below shows the market share on PC/Laptop between Naver, Daum and others (Google, Nate, Zum etc…). Data is from Nielsen-KoreanClick, Portal Analysis in Q2 2013

search engine market share on pc for korea 2013 v2

However, when it comes to Mobile Search, it seems that Google is doing a better job. Google has about 9.3% of the mobile search market share, still lagging far behind Naver (76% and Daum 14.3%, but still not too bad as in the case of Desktop/Laptop)

search engine market share on mobile web for korea 2013

2.3 Search Engine Market Share in JP, TW and HK

The landscape in JP, TW and HK are quite “simple” with Google and Yahoo dominate the markets.

Data for JP is from Nielsen MegaView Search Mar 2013. This is for PC traffic only though, not mobile.

As for HK, TW data, surprisingly I couldn’t find reliable public data sources for these two markets. Previously back in 2011, Google had 58% of the market share in HK, compared to 23.51% for Yahoo. One could guess that if the trend continues, we should expect the share for Google in 2014 to be around 70%?

I won’t update stats for HK and TW for now and come back later on when I have reliable data. Below is for JP:

search engine market share in JP HK TW 2014

3. Search Engine Market Share in AU and IN

According to Stat Counter Global Stats and Mi9, Google continues to dominate Australia with 93.12% of the market share in May 2014, followed by Bing with 4.42%, Yahoo with 1.13%. This is the market share on Desktop/Laptop, not mobile traffic though.

search engine market share in australia 2014

For India, Stat Counter reports that Google has 95.45% of the search engine market share for Desktop/Laptop, while Bing has 1.31% and Yahoo has 1.58%.

search engine market share in india 2014

That’s all from me for now. Again if you have any comments/questions, feel free to drop them below.



P.S: you could refer to 2011 or 2013 versions here.

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