Smarties Trend Report 2014

If you haven’t looked through the “Smarties Trend Report” yet, I would strongly recommend doing so because of the brilliant selection of award-winning campaigns in there.

There are 31 examples in total, each one is a video explaining the brand/campaign challenge, the solution and the results. I can’t describe these campaigns as well as their own videos so I will only list down those campaigns that I like below, together with their respective video links for you to see.

1. Sun activated advertising from Neutrogena

The campaign title alone attracts my attention.

I have to say I am a bit skeptical to see how the dynamic ad could detect sunlight and well I am presently surprised with their solution. Good job guys!


2. Kan Khajura Teshan

This campaign won numerous awards at Cannes this year 2014 and it’s truly a brilliant campaign. How could you influence your target consumer where traditional media reach is only 20%? Find the answer below.


3. Kia Game on

I could see why Kia’s app became the #1 app in Australia. Would love to try it out one day. Details of the campaign is in this video





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