State of social networks in APAC in Q3 2014

This is a follow up post after my initial post about “State of social networks in South East Asia“.

In this post, I would try to give a relatively accurate picture of which social network dominates in Asia Pacific on desktop/laptop and on Mobile.

Data is mainly taken from GlobalWebIndex during Q3 2014, who surveys panelists to get raw data.

1. Facebook dominates in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

The graph below shows Facebook reaches about 50%+ social network users across 10 countries in APAC, except in China, Korea and Japan.

Facebook domintes social networks in AU, HK, TW, SG, MY, TH, PH, ID, VN, IN

Twitter has largest reach in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Google+ is in decent shape in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. However, I don’t use Google+ that much so I can’t comment.

When it comes to Mobile, Facebook/Facebook Messenger consistently ranks number one in terms of percentage of mobile app usage amongst social network, messenger apps except in China, Korea

facebook usage on mobile devices in apac 2014


2. Instagram has biggest share in Thailand (32%) while India is the biggest market for LinkedIn (29%)

With the proliferation of smartphone and young population in many countries in APAC, it’s no surprise to see Instagram doing quite well in developing Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia an India.

instagram social network market share in apac

Below is the market share for LinkedIn across various countries in APAC, except JP and China

linkedin market share in apac

3. Local social networks dominate in China while Twitter, Facebook and Mixi are the most popular in Japan

The top 3 social networks in China are Qzone, Sina Weibo (Twitter like), Tencent Weibo (Twitter like) with hundreds of million users.

popular social networks in china

Top social networks, messenger apps on Mobile devices in China are all local players as well. The graph below shows how many percent of Chinese users use a certain app per month:

popular social network messenger apps in china on mobile 2014

When it comes to Japan, Facebook and Twitter each has about 20% of the market share, followed by Mixi at around 6%. Generally Japanese internet users seem to adopt “modern” international social networks much later than the rest of APAC.

japan social networks 2014

4. On mobile, Kakao Talk and Line are the most used social network/messenger app in Korea and Japan respectively

The graph below is for Japan market in Q3 2014.

japan top social network and messenger app mobile usage



As for Korea during the same period:

South Korea social network and messenger app usage on mobile in 2014

That’s it for today everyone.

Feel free to drop any comments that you may have.




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