Key facts about India digital landscape

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Below are some key basic facts about India digital landscape, mainly for the audience outside of India. I uploaded the slides to Google drive or slideshare so feel free to download.

[slideshare id=67120448&doc=keyfactsaboutindiadigitallandscape-161013114527]

1. India ranks second in the world in terms of internet users (372.5M) and mobile internet users (287.7M) and the growth rate is still high

Indian internet users and mobile internet users in 2016 vs China US Japan UK and Indonesia

2. Internet users in India are very heavily skewed towards Male in 2016

urban internet users in india by gender 2015 - 2020


3. Urban young internet users in India spend about 2.2 hours online daily on mobile devices, relatively the same with other APAC countries

daily time spent with mobile devices amongst young adult internet users in India and other apac countries


4. Facebook dominates all other social networks in India with more than 149M users in 2016

social media platform used by social media users in india 2016 - 2019


5. India Digital Ad Spend ($1B) is still very modest in comparison with China ($40B) or the US ($67B), Japan ($11B) but it’s growing fast to reach 20% of total media ad spending in 2019

digital ad spend in india in total ad spend and other worldwide markets in 2016 - 2019


6. Mobile internet ad spending share (26.7%) of total digital ad spend in India is lagging other markets by a wide margin

mobile internet ad spend as per centage of digital ad spend in India and other markets worldwide


7. India Retail e-commerce sales (US $23.39B) is significantly lower than China, the US, UK, JP

India retail e-commerce vs other countries worldwide us uk japan china in 2016


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