Key facts about Indonesia Digital Landscape

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If you are relatively new to the Indonesian digital market like me, you may find some of the below facts interesting or surprising. Data is from eMarketer.

A quick summary is below and you could download the entire deck on Google drive here or on slideshare:

  • Indonesia ranks number 6th in the world in terms of internet users in 2016.
  • While TV reaches almost everyone in Indonesia (at 99.8%), the Internet still has a huge potential to grow at 42.5% penetration.
  • TV and the Internet are where Indonesian spend most of their time with Media, with TV leading 3X vs the internet.
  • Similar to India, Indonesia Internet users are very young, and male dominant
  • Indonesia is looking to be a Mobile first, if not Mobile only market with 40% of users accessing the internet via mobile vs 20% for computer
  • With a very low 4G penetration rate (3%) and relatively lower smartphone penetration (37%), the experience of mobile internet users in Indonesia is very different than developed countries
  • With social network being the most popular digital activity amongst internet users in Indonesia, it’s no surprise that Indonesia ranks 5th world wide in terms of mobile phone social network users
  • Less than 1% of total Indonesia ad spend is digital, with mobile internet ad spend at 27% of digital ad spend in 2016 and 61% in 2020
    [slideshare id=69306220&doc=keyfactsaboutindonesiadigitallandscape-161120002436]

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