8 key facts about Japan Mobile Game Industry

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Update Mar 2019: this is the updated version 8 key facts about Japan Mobile Game Industry 2019

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As part of the series about Mobile game industry, below are the key facts about Japan Mobile Game Industry. Data is mainly from eMarketer and App Annie. If you would like to download the pdf version, here it is on Google Drive.

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1. Japan is the second largest mobile game market in the world

top 10 countries ranked by mobile game revenue 2015

This is particularly impressive when you look at the total number of mobile gamers in Japan below, it’s much lower than China or the US.

2. More than half (57.5%) of smartphone users in Japan play games on their smartphone

smartphone gamers in japan by age group

JP has about 55.8M smartphone users (2016) Source: eMarketer Aug 2015 report

3. Mobile gamers in Japan are highly engaged with 90% play daily and more than 51% mobile gamers spend more than JPY3,000/month (US $26)

frequency that smartphone mobile gamers in japan play games in 2016

average monthly spend by mobile gamers in japan

4. More than 70% of Smartphone gamers in Japan play more than 4 games

number of games played by mobile gamers in japan 2016

5. While 6/12 top grossing Smartphone games in Japan are Role Playing games (RPG), it’s not as dominating as in South Korea (9/12 top games are RPG)

top grossing games in japan dec 2016

6. JP is a highly concentrated market where the top 10 mobile games earned 50% of all Game Revenue in 2015 (across both iOS App Store and Google Play Store)

share of top 10 mobile games in japan vs all other games

7. As iPhone has more than 50% of the market share in Japan, monetization on Apple App Store is crucial for Mobile games

Smartphone User Share in Japan by Brand:Model April 2016

8. Local companies earned 90% of all mobile game revenue in Japan in 2015

game revenue generated in japan 2015

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P.S: Update Mar 2019: this is the updated version 8 key facts about Japan Mobile Game Industry 2019

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