Digital index for APAC countries in 2017

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Inspired by eMarketer “Digital index for 2017 the top 10 digital countries worldwide“, I am spending a bit of time to look at various countries in APAC to understand which markets are the most advanced digitally. Data is mainly from eMarketer, Akamai. If you want to download the presentation version in pdf format, here is the digital index for APAC countries in 2017.

1.In 2017, while China and India have the highest number of internet users in APAC, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan have the highest internet penetration (80%+)


internet user and penetration in APAC countries in 2017

2. Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong are leading in terms of mobile phone internet user penetration in APAC

mobile phone internet users and penetration in apac countries for 2017

As you could see from the above graph, China, India and Indonesia have the largest number of mobile phone internet users due to their huge population. However, India and the Philippines are amongst the countries with lowest mobile phone internet user penetration in APAC.

3. South Korea is leading APAC and the world in terms of fixed line average connection speed and % of connection above 10 Mbps

average internet connection speed and mobile internet connection speed across countries in APAC

Data from Akamai State of the internet Q3 2016. First of all, you could see which country in APAC has the highest average fixed line average connection speed and which one has the slowest.

On the right hand side, you could see the adoption rate for 10 Mbps broadband across countries. Again the top 4 countries are South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. People in these countries would enjoy significantly better internet connection than the rest of APAC.

4. Surprisingly Australia is leading APAC in Q3’16 when it comes to average mobile connection speed, followed by Japan and South Korea

average mobile connection speed across countries in APAC
Data from Akamai State of the internet Q3 2016, data for the Philippines is not reliable due to the lack of minimum 24,000 IPv4 addresses seen by Akamai and identified as coming from a mobile network during the quarter.

5. Across all countries in APAC, internet users spend about 3 hours online/day

average time spent online by internet users across apac countries in 2017

Data from eMarketer. No suitable data for New Zealand found at the time of report.

6. China is leading APAC in terms of the number of Digital Buyers although Japan, Australia and South Korea are leading regarding digital buyer penetration

the number of digital buyer and their penetration across apac countries

Data from eMarketer 2017 forecast. No suitable data for the rest of APAC countries.

7. China is leading the rest of APAC by a wide margin when it comes Retail E-commerce Sales or % share. South Korea is number 2 in terms of Retail E-commerce share

retail e-commerce revenue across countries in apac in 2017

8. It’s not surprising to see that China, Japan, South Korea and Australia digital ad spend are leading in APAC

digital ad spend and mobile ad spend in apac countries in 2017

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