India advertising landscape: a relatively small market

1. India total media ad spending is estimated at $10B in 2019

Estimated media ad spending ($B) in 2019 india indonesia china russia brazil mexico

2. Media ad spend growth rate is about 14% in 2019, 2 times the average worldwide growth rate

Estimated media ad spending growth rate 2019 india china indonesia russia brazil and mexico

3. India average ad spend per person is amongst the lowest in the world

Average media ad spending per person (in $) 2019 india china brazil russia indonesia middle east and worldwide average

Given India inconsistent GDP growth, we can only be cautiously optimistic about its advertising growth potential.

4. TV and Print Ads still take the largest share of the media ad spend in India

Total media ad spending share (in %) by media 2019 in india

5. Digital media ad spend growth rate is double that of TV

Total Media Ad Spending Growth, by Media india 2019

Radio ad growth rate is relatively strong in 2019, perhaps due to rural India growth and the upcoming election. We can see the growth rate for Radio ad spending expected to decrease after 2019.

Radio Ad Spending india 2018 2022

6. Digital ad spend growth rate is expected to slow down significantly to around 14% in 2022

Digital Ad Spending growth rate 2019 - 2022 india

7. Spend for social ads and video ads are taking up more and more share of the total digital ad spending

digital media by format india 2018 2020

This trend is not surprising given that Facebook has more than 260 million users in the country and YouTube has 230M viewers

Facebook Users in india
YouTube Viewers india 2018 2022

That’s all for this topic for now. For more information about India digital landscape, here it is.



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