8 key facts about India e-commerce landscape

1. India is the third largest retail market in APAC

Retail sales in India and selected APAC countries in 2018 (in $B)

Obviously population size has a big role to play here. India population is more than 10 times Japan, 20 times South Korea.

2. India retail growth rate was highest in APAC in 2018

Retail sales growth rate 2019 india and selected apac countries

3. E-commerce in India is still tiny

Retail e-commerce sales 2019 (in $B) in India and other APAC countries

Given the tiny base, it is not surprising that the retail e-commerce growth rate in India is relatively higher than many markets. But it is still lower than China though.

Retail E-commerce growth rate 2019 india and apac countries

4. Retail Mobile e-commerce penetration in India is amongst the highest in the world

Retail m-commerce sales penetration 2019 india china and other markets 2

5. About one in two India internet users have purchased online last year

Digital Buyers india 2018 2022

6. India is second in the world in terms of proximity mobile payment users

Proximity mobile payment users by country in 2019 (in millions) india china us europe

Given the small base, the growth rate for proximity payment user in India is double that of the worldwide average.

Proximity mobile payment growth rate 2019 india china europe us worldwide

7. Flipkart still leads Amazon in India from a sales gross merchandising revenue POV, especially during Diwali

Diwali festive sales gross merchandise value share in india by retailer 2018

Flipkart claimed that 11st Oct 2018 was the single best sales day in the history of India Retail. You can also read more about the 09th – 14th Oct sales report here on India Times.

8. Electronics, fashion and game/music are the top 3 categories that India smartphone users most likely to buy over the holiday season

product categories that india smartphone users most likely to buy over the holiday season 2018

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